PetrolPrices wants to help transform a price-driven petrol retail industry into one driven by consumer feedback, leading to material improvements in overall customer experience.

The way consumers experience forecourts is changing. PetrolPrices wants to helps retailers adapt with these changes.

PetrolPrices is the first UK-based customer intelligence platform for petrol forecourts operators. As the UK’s largest fuel price comparison service with 1 million active members, the company has an established track record of delivering impartial information to consumers with a high trust level and repeat usage.

Understanding consumer behaviour is now vitally important for the modern petrol forecourt operator, as we see consumer buying behaviour, electrification and the role of the forecourts change at the same time.

Another and crucial part of the equation, is giving forecourt managers an opportunity to promote what they offer to drivers, to an audience that demands app like services catering for their needs in real time. Those consumers are often time-poor and cash-rich consumers, constantly attached to their mobiles and expect to know which services and facilities a station has to offer.

The credit crunch in 2008 forced the flourish of a “money-savvy” consumer, hungry for the cheapest items possible. But in recent years, people have become focused on price, experience and quality combined using tools that enable to them make better decisions instantly.

PetrolPrices wants to help retailers and brands deliver an improved customer experience for drivers, as well as drive footfall and sales directly into specific locations all over the UK.

Changing an industry with three simple solutions

Consumer Services

Web & mobile app channels designed specifically for mass-appeal, data collection & our consumer-facing review platform.

Forecourt Manager

Enhancing your station listing and sharing useful facilities information is key to attracting new, more valuable customers.

Data Labs

Visualising qualitative data to improve business intelligence and enhance their decisions within their marketing mix.

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