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If you’re a member of the press then please use the information below to help inform your story or inquiry.

Read the latest company announcements, reports & whitepapers. If you’re a member of the press, please use the information below to help inform your story or inquiry. If you’re using our branding at any point, please use the assets and guidelines provided below.

Company Announcements & Reports

How influence & data from PetrolPrices can help your story

National, local and historical fuel price data
We have a database going back to 2005, filled with daily price updates, that we can provide data to you from. We cover 98% of the UK market and receive 8,000 updates a day. Our database is, therefore, the most up to date across the petrol price comparison industry.
Comment, analysis and motoring related stories
If you’re writing a story or are looking to discuss prices on TV or radio, we are available to provide comment and analysis for the event. Our team have been working with prices since 2005 and are therefore able to provide in-depth and relevant analysis. For all of our own data stories, we also have a press release for that. If you would like to be informed of new press releases, please use the contact details below and let us know.
Contributing to a piece
If you’d like one of our team to write a story for your site from a fuel industry perspective then please contact us using the links below. Please note we have a three working day notification period from informing to the piece being ready.

PetrolPrices Branding

Describing PetrolPrices

PetrolPrices is the UK’s first customer experience & price comparison service, specifically designed for petrol stations.


PetrolPrices is the first UK-based intelligence platform for customer satisfaction at the forecourt. Focusing our efforts on bringing the popular web-based price comparison service to the more millennial/time/experience conscious consumers who make up the majority of in-store sales at fuel retailers.

Brand Assets & Guidelines

The Logo

This is the PetrolPrices logo. Use this symbol when presenting a non-specific channel (i.e. the service in general).

The Symbol

This is our symbol. Use this symbol when presenting the mobile app.

Our Brand Guidelines

These are our brand guidelines, available to download in a PDF format. If you have any questions about the brand guidelines, please contact a member of the team.

You can use our logo and branding where you have the right to do so, but please don’t do anything that could be considered misleading – that includes altering our logo or combining them with other graphics. If you’d like to use the PetrolPrices name in your service, or imply endorsement from or a partnership then you’ll need written consent from PetrolPrices. If in doubt, feel free to contact us at

Contact a member of the Press team

Kitty Bates

PetrolPrices representative for consumer-facing products.

T: 0844 816 0040


Jason Lloyd

PetrolPrices representative for business-facing products.

T: 0844 816 0040